It's time

to pick up the

Earth Whisperer mantle

and step into the life purpose

that you chose for this lifetime


Awakening the ancient mysteries and know-how of the Earth Whisperers for a time you knew would need your support. Re-activate within yourself the genetic lineage of your Earth Whisperer ancestors to support the re-emergence of a balanced, respectful and aligned

Human-Earth Accord.



You knew this was the time of Earth rebalancing. You chose your Earth Whisperer genetics to support the Earth and humanity at this time and leave a legacy  that is more important and meaningful than you could ever imagine!


The Earth yearns for the return of the Earth Whisperer.

The Earth yearns for YOUR awakening to your gifts and talents NOW.

Earth Whisperers have come into this lifetime as ONE FAMILY, ONE TRIBE.


It is time to step onto your Earth Whisperer Path of Mastery!

NOTE: The Life Principle Training (LPT) is a required foundational course for the Earth Whisperer Masterclass. To join this Masterclass you have to have completed the Life Principle Training or be enrolled in and show active engagement with it.



When you sign up for the Earth Whisperer Path of Mastery course, 

you get the a credit of up to $1,200 for LPT



Watch this free intro webinar Rennie and Kirsten hosted on Feb. 3.  




What You Learn on This

Earth Whisperer Path of Mastery: 


  • Life Liberation and Mastery

    Life mastery is the deep river and core foundation for Earth Whispering. 


    Evolutionary maturity is necessary to become an effective ambassador for the Earth. You cannot activate your Earth Whisperer genetics if you stay mired in anger, judgement, fear, unworthiness or any other negative egos. In this training, you find and activate your ancient Earth Whisperer talents as you deepen your ability to be:

    • Calm centered and open curious
    • A keen editor of yourself 
    • In unconditional respect for all life
    • Fear-free
    • Fully present and able to access a deep state of listening
    • Filled with the quiet fire of passion for Life, for yourself and for the Earth
    • In the the state of being of the intelligence and beauty of your own Authentic Self


    Supported by a framework of 13 Life Principles, , you will receive a roadmap to your Authentic Self that will assist you to nourish the Earth in her time of rebalance.


    The 13 Life Principles along with a plethora of profound practices give you the step-by-step tools to fast track your own evolution. You will be able to replace any challenges that trip you up or keep you feeling stuck in a flat-lined life with a confident, empowered, joy-filled, passion-lit, fear-free, purpose-driven You.


    From your new state of being you can leave a legacy for the world that is deeply meaningful and others can follow.


    The LIFE PRINCIPLE TRAINING   is a requirement

    for anyone choosing to join the Earth Whisperer Path of Mastery


    Transform your own awareness by engaging in the Life Principle Training

    alongside your Earth Whisperer masterclass



    • Make a Profound Leap in Your Earth Whisperer Abilities

      Awakening the lost art of Earth Whispering, you will learn to

      • Decompress your body from stress and step into the magical state of flow
      • Master the universal language of feeling
      • Open the doorway to the Universal Mind with  knowingness about anything in which you are curious
      • Circulate energies for a powerful flow of Life energy anywhere you choose to direct it
      • Align with the intelligence of nature
      • Access the plant intelligence natural to your own body (hint: your pineal gland)
      • Re-activate the fourth brain located in your solar plexus essential to learning the language of the Earth
      • Learn to talk with plants, animals and the Earth
      • Balance the two hemispheres of your brain for perfect body-Earth alignment
      • Repair leaks in your biofield that may affect your Earth Whisperer abilities
      • Filter out negative human thoughts and the frequencies of incoming Earth changes that may cause you pain or discomfort



    • Uncover & Activate Your Ancient Earth Whisperer Talents

      We all are aware of the incredible destruction humans have leveled onto the Earth. What most of us are unaware of is that the Earth has her own additional list of human threats that present even greater perils. Humanity's fear, anger, hysteria, and negative emotions are saturating the soils and waters all over the globe and its magnetic pressures are punching holes through the atmosphere that shields life on the planet.


      In this training, you will learn how to 

      • Remove emotional debris from the soil and any body of water
      • Clear the cells of the Earth of human fear  so the planet can breathe again
      • Make ozone for the Earth's atmosphere out of your own body
      • Reduce the intensity of earthquakes caused by human anger and fear that can accumulate and build up in the ground   


      The most profound and nourishing gift you will give the Earth will be your new ability to access pure electrical Life and broadcast this rare frequency into the core of the Earth.  The Earth cannot generate this frequency at this time and she will treasure your return to the lost art of Earth Whispering. 


      • Go Where No Human Has Gone Before

        A holographic Earth has been created to protect the real Earth from humanity's immature stage of awareness. The natural Earth does exist and cannot be damaged by human mismanagement. During this Earth Whisperer Masterclass, you will go where no human has gone before. You will leave the hologram to experience the profound innocence and beauty of the real Earth yourself.


      Here's what you Will Receive with the Earth Whisperer Masterclass:

      • Two webinars per month packed with inspiring content, conversations with the Earth and direct coaching
      • Two in-person retreats for direct work with the Earth
      • Four coaching sessions per year with Kirsten Liegmann 
      • Guided meditations with rare frequencies embedded in the recordings to (1) active your solar plexus brain to access the language of feeling, (2) awaken your pinal gland plant intelligence; (3) access and generate pure electrical life for yourself and the core of the Earth and (4) experience the beauty and innocence of your own authentic Self. These meditations open the door for you to the inspiring Earth Whisperer state of being 
      • Closed online group for Q&A and group support from other Earth Whisperers and coaches


      As a Bonus You Will Also Receive

      • Up to $1200 Credit for the Life Principle Training Self-Study Course

        You are invited on the journey of a lifetime.


        • Understand what has been pulling your emotional strings and how to take back your life
        • Find an alternative to endless, reiterative, emotional processing of past drama
        • Face your deepest challenges without feeling wrong or guilty
        • Answer your own deepest questions
        • Become the editor of your life
        • Fast-track your evolution and step into a new stage of awareness


        Get your own evidence!


        Supported by a framework of 13 Life Principles, you will be given a roadmap to your Authentic Self. Each principle seems self-evident, but the understandings beneath them are new to the world and their depth of meaning appears to have no bottom.  Over time and day-by-day through an inspiring practice, the prison of the human condition that lies within all of us fades away.

      • Free Copy of Rennie Davis' book: "The New Humanity: A Movement to Change the World"

        The 60's were a turbulent time, but it was also the inception point for today's New Humanity. Get a behind the scenes look at what shaped the US for decades to come and changed the trajectory of this country, laying the foundation for a group of humans to pioneer a new way of living on Earth



      In Service to the Earth and New Humanity,


      Kirsten Liegmann and Rennie Davis

      Copyright 2019 - Foundation for Humanity