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  • Rediscover the ancient, lost art of Earth Whispering 
  • Pioneer a new human-Earth accord
  • Learn the language of the Earth
  • Connect to and work with the Intelligence of Nature
  • Step into the Earth Whisperer state of being - calm centered, open, in listening 
  • Open the doorway to the Universal Mind and your knowingness
  • Find your Flow of Life through balance 

  • The Life Principle Training is a requirement to participate in this course.


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    Make a leap of Life and re-ignite your reason to live and thrive with purpose

    • Understand what has been pulling your emotional strings and how to take back your life
    • Find an alternative to endless, reiterative, emotional processing of past drama
    • Answer your own deepest questions
    • Become the editor of your life
    • Fast-track your evolution and step into a new stage of awareness


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