Hope Meditation


Guided by Rennie Davis

Music by Eric Moon




November 11, 2020

HOPE 11-11

a free, day-long event to balance fear with the frequency of hope as we explore how to live, grow and thrive in alignment with the intelligence of nature and in harmony with one another.


The Cornerstone Event:

 A globally synchronized meditation to balance fear with hope

at 11:11 am MT/1:11 pm ET 

Calling on 1 million people to step into a moment of coherence

and permeate a world in fear with the antidote of pure HOPE 



join activities throughout the day

A woven tapestry of inspiring conversation with thought-leaders bringing forth solutions

for a restorative, post-carbon future

and the songs and creativity of artists who carry

the voice of inspiration and uplift minds and spirits with HOPE for the future  




If you haven't registered for HOPE  11-11 yet you can do so here: