Life Principle Training


A hybrid self-study course with the best of both worlds :

1. Go at the pace that works for YOUR life

2. But don't go it alone: receive live coaching support  every week 



an autographed copy of Rennie Davis' book

"The New Humanity: A Movement to Change the World"



There is so much more to you than you have been led to believe







Here's what you're getting with the Life Principle Training and how it can help you NOW

  • evidence-based step-by-step transformation

    You are invited on the journey of a lifetime.


    • Understand what has been pulling your emotional strings and how to take back your life
    • Find an alternative to endless, reiterative, emotional processing of past drama
    • Face your deepest challenges without feeling wrong or guilty
    • Answer your own deepest questions
    • Become the editor of your life
    • Fast-track your evolution and step into a new stage of awareness


    And get your own evidence!


    Supported by a framework of 13 Life Principles, you will be given a roadmap to your Authentic Self. Each principle seems self-evident, but the understandings beneath them are new to the world and their depth of meaning appears to have no bottom.  Over time and day-by-day through an inspiring practice, the “people problem” that lies within all of us fades away.

  • Liberate your Life

    How do you break the shackles of fear, unworthiness and melodrama and claim a life of purpose, passion and meaning?


    What do you do when you get triggered? Angry? Irritated? Judgmental?


    Do you let those emotions take you for a ride? Do you lash out at those around you?

    What if you knew what caused those reactions?


    What if there were simple steps to remove their grip on you?


    It turns out we have thousands of negative egos pulling our strings and running our lives. To take back our life, we have to find them, name them, and let them go. A simple step-by-step process to liberation.


    One of the principles—Check Egos—teaches you clearly and precisely how to do it.


    The 13 Life Principles help you discover that what you fear is what you attract and what you condemn is what you experience. You learn to check every negative ego and take back your life – yourself.


    Taken to heart, these principles inspire you to:

    • Take back your life
    • Banish drama and trauma
    • Recover from addictions
    • Stop the judgment and end the blame
    • Dissolve your stress, worry, and fear
    • Remove your victim mindset forever
    • Love life and thrive again
    • Experience the Authentic Self you have always been
  • Decompress your life to experience the MAGIC of FLOW

    We believe that the way to manage our lives is to control as much of it as possible. It's an attempt to feel safe. However, that is a sure way to live your life in constant stress, worry and anxiety. 


    There is a key to shift out of control into the magic of flow. Flow is the state of being where

    • you are always at the right place at the right time with the right people
    • you always know what needs to be dealt with in any moment
    • you never worry about deadlines
    • you live in an unshakable calm centered trust of the unfolding of every moment


    In this training you will be given the key to banish stress and worry and move into a state of ease, grace and flow

  • Unlock Your Divine Human Potential

    Evolution is self-selecting.


    History tells us that the darkest hour is just before the dawn. In a time when fear and divisiveness are enveloping the world, we are simultaneously witnessing the dawn of a New Humanity—a large global family now emerging that yearns to ‘be the change the changes the world’. The New Humanity hears the call for a journey to evolve—to stop the finger pointing and make an evolutionary leap into a new human awareness.


    Choose to make this leap with them!

Your investment in yourself

The New Year is a great time to embark on the next leg of this amazing evolutionary journey to your Self. It's been what's been beckoning you. 


You will have a choice for an easy Payment Plan or   Save money with one easy payment

Here's what you get with the program:

  • All the materials for each new principle will be released to you every 2 weeks. This includes
    • ​Pre-recorded in depth webinars and videos by Rennie and Kirsten 
    • A detailed workbook
    • At least one powerful practice to support the principle, and
    • A protection treasure chest tool
  • Multiple frequency meditations to support your journey to evolve
  • Access to any live coaching sessions with the assistant coaches (once per week at varying times) and Kirsten & Rennie (once per month)
  • Emails reminders and support to keep you on track
  • Access to a closed online study/support group to share progress, receive and give inspiration and find accountability buddies



  • An autographed copy of Rennie Davis' book: "The New Humanity"

    The 60's were a turbulent time, but it was also the inception point for today's New Humanity. Get a behind the scenes look at what shaped the US for decades to come and changed the trajectory of this country, laying the foundation for a group of humans to pioneer a new way of living on Earth

  • An exclusive webinar with Rennie and Kirsten to kick off the training

    The Life Principle Training is primarily self-directed. However, Rennie and Kirsten will host a webinar for the group starting January 7th to personally welcome you and answer your questions directly. It is an opportunity to ask guidance from your Authentic Self as you embark on this training. It'll be invaluable for this journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


In Service to the New Humanity,


Kirsten Liegmann and Rennie Davis

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